How We Helped One Business Increase Their Click-To-Calls by 122% and Grow Leads by 73%


The Problem

The Tint Guy had already invested in a beautiful website, but it wasn’t generating new business like it should. Potential customers had a hard time finding them when they ran searches online, even for branded terms. Moreover, those who did find the site were not converting. In other words, their site wasn’t doing much for them at all.

The Results

Within six months, we increased the number of click-to-calls (people who clicked on the site to call directly) by 122%. We also boosted their leads by 73% across all channels, grew their paid search traffic by 56%, and improved paid search conversions by 40%. On top of this, we helped their customers find them by helping them climb from the fifth spot in search engines to the top spot for their branded terms. By enhancing their online presence and refining their sales funnels, the Tint Guy’s sales skyrocketed.


Boost in Leads Across All Channels


Increase in Click-To-Calls


Increase in Paid Search Traffic


Increase in Paid Search Conversions

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Our Strategy

Technique #1 Image

– Technique #1 –

Improve Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Target Customers

We analyzed the Tint Guy’s audience to create highly-targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. By identifying their ideal customer, we were able to maximize the impact of their campaigns.

Adjust Marketing Messages

We crafted highly-effective marketing messages that spoke to the customer’s pain points, encouraging more people to click. By giving the right people the message they needed when they needed to hear it, more conversions naturally occurred.

Technique #2 Image

– Technique #2 –

Boost On-Site Quality Signals

Implement Webmaster Best Practices

In order to signal to Google and other search engines that the Tint Guy provides a top-notch user experience, we eliminated messy codes and resource heavy scripts that caused the site to load slow. This increased the site’s speed by 50%.

Correct On-Site SEO

Even though users couldn’t see things like meta tags and alt attributes, we fixed many incorrect and missing tags in order to demonstrate to search engines that the site is the authority on a number of subjects. We also adapted several URLs and made them more search engine friendly. Because of these changes, the site ranks higher.

Technique #3 Image

– Technique #3 –

Analyze & Correct Links

Reclaim Links

We uncovered five unique link reclamation opportunities and had changes made so more links point to the site. While seemingly small, this sends a signal to search engines that the site is popular, current, and accurate.

Fix Broken External Links

More than 10 external links (links on other websites) that should have been pointing to the site were broken. We had these corrected too, adding an even greater SEO boost.

Technique #4 Image

– Technique #4 –

Drive Community Engagement & SEO Through Killer Content

Adjust Website Content

After researching, we realized the site wasn’t using the right content and keyword strategy to attract customers to its service pages. We refreshed these pages using professionally-written content designed to work like a magnet for people using search engines.

Publish Guest Posts

We found more than a dozen guest post opportunities and created helpful content for those sites. This packed a powerful punch, enabling the Tint Guy to expand its audience and get even more links back.

Participate in Link Roundups

Because we know that “link juice” is passed both ways, and other bloggers know it as well, we asked other publishers to share links to some of the great content we created. They got a boost because they shared something awesome, and we got a boost because our links are on other high-quality sites.

Create Interest via Online Communities

We visited online communities with user-generated content, such as Quora and Reddit, and interacted with the community. By providing those communities with quality content, we helped the Tint Guy reach a wider audience and improve SEO.

Technique #5 Image

– Technique #5 –

Improve Accuracy of Online Results

Create & Correct Business Listings

Local SEO ranking, website traffic, and sales depend on having accurate business listings. We scoured the net to ensure The Tint Guy is represented with high-quality business listings with a 90% accuracy rating on more than 50 different sites.


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