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7 Fundamentals Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service. Before the digital age, the primary mode of marketing had been the traditional offline approach. The rise of social platforms changed the playing field completely by offering a greater avenue for the promotion of goods and service to potential clients and customers.

But just like for every field of endeavor, to be successful at social media marketing there are rules that must be known and adhered to. These are the fundamentals of social media marketing, below are 7 of them;

1) Know your audience:

You need to know your target audience, almost like you know the back of your hand. You must read their content and know what they are interested in, only then can you produce and share contents with them that are relevant to their needs.

2) The power of focus:

To be successful in social media marketing, there is a need to be focused. It is more beneficial to be focused on specific topics or strategies than to be everywhere at all time. Your audience must know you for a particular niche. Any time you begin to divert from what they know you for, you begin to lose them.

3) The power of value:

Number is nothing without value. The misconception of many people is that the greater the number of their connections or followers the greater the success of their media campaigns. But this is a very wrong notion. It is better to have 1000 followers who are devoted to you and appreciate what you are offering than to have 10000 people who have no idea what you are doing or offering.

4) Patience is essential:

Success hardly comes overnight with social media marketing, it takes time, devotion and patience. You must keep opening shop every morning and hope that every new day would be better than the previous. It takes time to build a credible online presence, and it is advisable that you take the time to do this, rather than seeking other shorter cuts of achieving success, which may not last the test of time.

5) Affiliate with Influencers:

Affiliation is one of the popular ways of growing and becoming successful in social media marketing. Find an authoritative voice or a successful social media individual in your niche and connect with them. If they find your content or product useful and interesting, they can share it with their very impressive connection list, thereby boosting your social media presence.

6) The power of word-of-mouth:

There are times when you need to stop promoting your service or products and instead, spend more time developing positive relationships with powerful online influencers. People quickly get tired of hearing you talk all the time about your product. Let other people do that for you. Word of mouth is a powerful publicity tool.

7) Be assessable

When people reach out to you for one thing or the other, be always available. You are not to just publish contents, you are supposed to participate in conversations. Build positive relationships. When your followers search for you and can't find you, they won't hesitate to find a replacement.


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