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5 Tips For To Survive In The Atlanta Social Media Marketing Scene

The Atlanta social media marketing scene is still at the desktop. In fact, the majority of companies send out scheduled tweets and post regularly on their Facebook page. Blogs are updated regularly as well. The only change to the routine is the introduction of new campaigns that are designed to be more effective. This is needed now more than ever because of the rise of independent and individual marketing efforts on social media platforms. The competition for consumers has gotten a lot tougher, and the only way to stay relevant is to be more creative. Here are five tips for marketing in the Atlanta social media marketing arena.

1) Use Old Marketing Methods to Get Attention

QR codes and hashtags aren't restricted to the digital world. Place them on posters and flyers and pass them out on the streets. Bulletin boards are the perfect place to hang a flyer with the company logo and a QR code. Anyone that is interested can scan the code and view the website. This is a cool and convenient way to advertise. Consumers can easily get more information about the product, and they can purchase it instantly from their smartphone.

2) Don't Tweet or Re-tweet News Articles Requiring a Log-in

The last thing people want to see on social media is a request to subscribe or log-in before gaining access to an article. The news story shouldn't be tweeted if it's not readily available to the public. In fact, most people aren't going to sign-up to a website to read an article. They would look for another source with the same story. Try using Google AMP instead. This is a great way to share news stories on mobile devices. Not only will readers have full access to the content, they will also be able to easily scroll across other sources that have a different perspective on the story.

3) Use Trending Topics as a Source for Content

Content marketing and social media marketing go hand-in-hand. In fact, the right content will be shareable by everyone. Trending topics are a good source for new content. Relating these topics to your company is the challenging part. A decent copywriter could merge seemingly unrelated topics together and form an entertaining piece of copy that would occupy readers during their lunch break. It's a great way to build an audience for your company that isn't necessarily interested in your immediate business.

4) Include Generic Topics as Well – They are Interesting, If Not More

A typical workday is a typical workday. The content generated during this time may be mundane or too subject-specific. One way to add more interesting content is by focusing the copy around keywords. These generic topics aren't trending right now, but are representative of the current reality. Workers around the world will be able to relate to these types of topics. The best way to find these topics is by examining the everyday world. Add different context to the situation and see what content is generated.

5) Share More Pictures with Instagram and Pinterest

The easiest way to fulfill the daily or weekly request for ideas from the social media department is with pictures. Just snap a picture of your desktop and send it over. The social media manager can post it on Instagram and Pinterest. It may not seem worthwhile, but if the company has a following, pictures are likely to maintain their interest. That's the responsibility of running a social media account in the Atlanta social media marketing world. You got to maintain it as long as it's there.


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