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5 Ways An Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Can Help You

It your business or organization needs more exposure, contact an Atlanta digital marketing agency. They can help you market your business online. Some of the techniques they have at their disposal include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. With these tools, an Atlanta digital marketing agency can promote and advertise your business in several sectors. The goal is to get more attention online in the platforms most people use to share information. This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. Read on for more details.

1) Facebook Groups are an Untapped Resource

The Internet is home to billion of people and many of them are members of groups on Facebook. Facebook Groups are a collection of like-minded people. They gather online because they have common interests. For example, a Facebook Group about pets will feature pictures and posts about pets. Members of the group can view each other's pets and share interesting stories. A stealth marketer could use this resource as a potential marketing target, especially if everyone in the group is interested in the same thing. The members of the group would be receptive to ads and links to pet-related items and news stories.

2) Paid Advertisements

Another strategy an Atlanta digital marketing agency could take is paid advertising. This is effective in online communities. Most ads target the general Internet user, but the goal is to attract an influencer, which is someone that can extend the reach of the advertisement. One way an influencer expands the range of an advertisement is by sharing a link.

Some of the popular digital advertisement platforms available to businesses include Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords. There are several customer relationship management software that incorporates digital advertising including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce CRM.

A relatively new approach is data-driven advertising. This approach analyzes the Internet useage data of consumers to deliver more targeted ads. The information is derived from websites and mobile apps used by the consumer. The digital ads may also incorporate activity in the real world, such as visits to a retail store. The goal is to provide the consumer with ads that are relevant and useful to them.

3) In-Game Ads

An Atlanta digital marketing agency can also promote your business in video games. This is a relatively new approach. Video games may not sound like a good medium for advertisements, but it does have a large audience, which is a very compelling factor. Millions of people play video games. Some companies place ads within the game's narrative. Others rely on pop-up ads. Smartphone games, for example, have ads on-screen. Other potential areas for ads include chat rooms. In-game chat rooms are popular, but they can get boring. Placing an ad or two here will certainly attract attention.

4) Web Content – Articles, Pictures, and Videos

Adding content to your website is the best way to improve search engine ranking. In fact, a search engine optimized article will receive clicks from a search engine results page. There are several types of content that will look good on a website. Long form articles are best. Step-by-step guides, top 10 lists, and tutorials are popular as well. Regularly updated blogs with an interesting style or personality will also enhance the website's appeal and attract more visitors. Slideshows and other picture-related postings will add value as well. Short videos are the holy grail of web content. If they are well-made, it will attract more viewers.

5) Scheduled Tweets and Live Streams

The real time nature of social media is an advantage to advertisers, but a schedule is even better. In fact, scheduling tweets throughout the day is one way to successfully meet the audience. Some users will look at Twitter at specific periods, such as the morning or the evening. These users are more likely to view a tweet from someone they are following if the tweet is sent out during these times. Another type of digital media that can be scheduled is live streams. These are live broadcasts from webcams. Usually, these streams are broadcasted randomly, but more and more broadcasters are scheduling their streams, much like regular TV or radio shows. The advantage of scheduling is that it creates an event that people can look forward to.


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