How We Helped One Business Grow Their Online Presence By 45% and Improve Their Sales By 30%

Argan Salon & Spa Social Media Marketing Case Study

The Problem

Argan Salon & Spa was not performing well online. Their site was not well-designed, was located in a highly competitive market but lacked a high SEO ranking, and lacked a solid social media presence. Additionally, the business had recently changed names and their existing business listings were not consistent with their new identity.

The Results

Within 6 months, we increased website traffic by 45%, organically cultivated Facebook followers by 216%, and ultimately grew revenue by 30%. This led the company to see a significant increase in their online conversions as well as a boost in sales.


Increase in Facebook Followers


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Revenue

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Our Strategy

Technique #1 Image

– Technique #1 –

Move the Site to WordPress and Redesign


By optimizing the site’s meta description tags, title tags, heading tags, and content and to prominently utilize specific targeted keywords, we were able to significantly increase search traffic that directed potential customers to Argan Salon and Spa’s website.

Ensuring Proper Indexation

Through the use of pagination, sitemaps, no-indexing tags and removing or revising duplicate content, we were able to help ensure that Argan Salon and Spa’s website was properly indexed.

Technique #2 Image

– Technique #2 –

Increase Social Media Traffic

Promote the Website

In order to help generate a higher number of visitors from social media sources, we worked with the owners of Argan Salon and Spa to help them understand how to engage followers as well as how to establish their social media accounts. Combined, these actions led to more social media visitors to the salon’s website.

Increase Brand Awareness

Sometimes less is more, and that’s a lesson that we taught Argan Salon and Spa. By understand how to concisely inform and interact with their followers, the business was able to engage more individuals and garner more shares on social media. This helped increase traffic to the website.

Connect with Power Users

Not everyone has to start from scratch, and by encouraging Argan Salon and Spa to create relationships with social media power users, we were able to spread their brand farther than we could have otherwise. This helped increase the speed with which we built their audience.

Technique #3 Image

– Technique #3 –

Drive Community Engagement Through Blogging
Content Creation
We began creating content for the company blog in order to help attract the interest of potential customers. We wrote two blogs a month about relevant topics in order to increase traffic.
Technique #4 Image

– Technique #4 –

Improve Accuracy of Online Results
Correct Business Listings

We corrected business listings (NAP) to 90% accuracy rating, which boosted Argan Salon and Spa’s local SEO rankings and resulted in an increase of visitors to their website.

Argon Business Listings Image

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